Hot Forgings:

Our Forging Plant can provide high-tech Hot Forging of all type of components currently up to 1000 Gms and above net weight and even more depending on the size and design of components.

We also have in house high class Precision Machining facilities and can provide finish job of many types of components and there Assembly that require Precision Machining. We have CNCs, VMCs machine centers, Broaching and Pre- machining facilities.

We also have in house full-fledged Tool Room facilities for our clients and are supported by a Design Centre. Machining: CNC:








Machining: CNC:

Machines and Equipment.

Our Unit is well equipped with world best machines and equipment. The details of the main machines are as follows:

Forging Shop


Our staff at each level keeps on updating their skills by participating in various training courses.


The unit has a total Power Load of 350 KVA. Power is sufficient for our operations. We also have Gen-set 125 KVA to supply Power to our Machining and other units as and when required for uninterrupted operation.


The company has its own transport. For long distance transportation there is a close Railway Network and National & State level highways. These facilities for transportation are directly linked to Indian Ports both on West Coast and East Coast.

Cargo Surveyors

We have arrangements with S.G.S. International Cargo surveyors both at India Port and aboard. Exports can also be handled directly from the factory as the drive port at Bhiwadi is only 4 kms from the factory.